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July 23, The pacing contest, Buzzard Bait, Friends, the fleet feet store, talent show, and learning more about the sport of running. Everything was amazing! Last week, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I came across a picture posted by Nike SMRC and it was of me running with my group from camp in It made me reflect on my time at camp in high school and how it shaped me into being a captain for my high school's XC team and how I continue to use the lessons I learned in camp to run half-marathons and keep myself strong.

SMRC didn't just teach me how to be a successful runner, but it taught me how to be successful every day through learning about leadership, determination, well-being and being responsible for my actions. Camp set her up well. Thanks to the curriculum based teaching. She loves seeing her coaches from camp, Michael Dalhauser, and is motivated by them at races.

She also trains smart based on the effort based training she learned at camp. She loves the enthusiasm and routine of camp. She says the food and dorms are terrific. Most of all, she enjoys being with so many people who are passionate about running. This camp is family. Every minute was enjoyable and it is my favorite place on earth. I will recommend SMRC to anyone. Loved the nightly activities, especially the scavenger hunt. Overall a very fun and informational camp.

The counselors were so amazing, the bus rides, the beautiful runs, making new friends and seeing my old ones, everything was perfect. You should definitely come to SMRC. I have learned so much here and had a blast doing it!

If you're afraid you won't be able to keep up with people during the workouts, they split the campers up into a large number of groups so you are only running with people of your fitness level, which is really awesome. I have made so many great memories, have always felt safe on campus, and everyone there is as nice as they could be.

I would recommend attending Nike SMRC because it is super fun, it helps you learn more about running, and you get to make new friends that share the same interest of running with you.

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I will hopefully be attending camp for 2 weeks next year as opposed to 1 week. Nike SMRC is a great way to become a better runner, make new friends, and is always a lot of fun. I look forward to SMRC every year. Also, the coaching instruction is great, and the trail runs are the best. Overall, SMRC is the highlight of my summer, and you should definitely consider coming next summer! I love camp more than any place in the world!

Honestly this camp does everything right: the runs are interesting and a great difficulty, the camp is tons of fun, with a great community and activities during down time. If you run cross country or even just run in your free time, and enjoy it, this camp is for you. I felt like Nike Running Camps focused on learning how to train like an elite distance runner.

We focused on learning how to pace ourselves and what types of training runs we should be doing this summer to prepare for cross in the fall.

I think one of my favorite things about Nike Running Camp is the feeling of being surrounded by runners. When I was at camp, I had one thing in common with everybody, so even if I didn't know someone that well, I automatically had a connection with them. The following is something I wrote a few days after camp ended this past year, I thought you'd like to read it.

I tried running today for the first time since camp ended. To say it was treacherous would be an understatement. On my first day of camp, I was appalled at the intenseness of our runs, and how incredibly fast we seemed to zip over the track. On the second day, I swore I was going to have to stop, I was in so much pain, and I had never run so fast for so long before. But I finished. I stayed with the group and I completed that first run with my team. As the week progressed, the pain was still there, but the doubt in my mind, that I wouldn't be able to keep up or that I needed to stop, started to fade.

Every Time that doubt began to creep back in my mind, I bundled up the pain coursing through my body, and I imagined everybody I was running with doing the same. I imagined us hurling that pain into the ground. It felt incredible. That's what makes running beautiful to me.

The reassurance that everybody surrounding me is feeling just as much pain, and we're all fighting against it together in one battle. I think that's the hardest part about transitioning from camp, to running alone. I got so used to fighting this continuous battle with these people, who undoubtedly became my family. When that family was taken away from me, I didn't know how to handle the pain, and it got the best of me.

It wasn't just the physical pain that made me start crying so much I had to stop in the middle of my run today, it was the painful truth that these indescribable bonds I had formed in a few days were taken away from me. But as soon as I stopped, I thought about everything I've learned this past week. Whether I was making friendships with people from around the country, or throwing my head back and repeating group 10's battle cry in the pacing contest, everything at camp was done whole heartedly. That's when I knew I couldn't stop in the middle of this run, for the sake of everything I had learned, I had to push through.

And I did. I guess I just wanted to say thank you, for the best week of my life. I loved my running leader. The JCITs especially served as effective leaders because they communicated with the athletes well. They were closer to our age so they could relate to the tough week of training and had fun alongside us. I especially enjoyed the breakout sessions hosted by Nike representatives as they were very informative and directed at the runners. I also enjoyed the breakouts that required activity, such as core. The auditorium speakers really taught me a lot that I have since applied to running and other aspects of my life.

The talk on Flow was particularly impactful. There is no better place to run, bond with my team, and learn about all things running. Some of the best memories I have shared with my cross country team happened at camp. This camp provides a great challenging experience that completely prepares any camper for their upcoming cross country season. It provides the perfect combination of challenge and comfort.

I've personally never gone to any camps as a child and I could not be more grateful that I've had the opportunity to have the "camp" experience with Nike. I am constantly reminded of my love for running every time I think about camp. My summers spent at Nike are a high school memory I will remember and cherish forever. The camp teaches runners how to improve in many different areas, such as biomechanics, training, diet, and injury prevention.

I really enjoyed the overall experience.

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The classes were educational and the speakers inspiring. The runs we're pretty challenging and I loved the locations, the beautiful trails and creeks. It had a good combination of learning and recreation. I am coming back! The SMRC is a fantastic experience. The trails are beautiful and you learn a lot. Also, this camp provided inspiration for me to become a better runner. Being with a huge group of other dedicated runners made me feel like I was in the right place. I loved it. Camp made running fun and brought me to the next level with great instruction. My son returned home with new enthusiasm and understanding of running.

He now sees that putting in the miles will help him and that running can lead to opportunities beyond high school. You balanced the running aspect with the educational aspect. You give him information that he can use to train and develop as a runner. He also got to run in a beautiful part of our country!

The Smoky Mtn. Running Camp is a fantastic experience. The SMRC motivated and inspired me to get better, as well as help me to enjoy the entire experience of running!! They also have fun activities planned to keep our minds on having fun and not taking ourselves so seriously when we run. I need help on mental relaxation when I race and to remember that running is fun so I can do better in racing. I even met two girls from Canada my age who roomed with us and now we are all good friends! I am coming back for the next three years, until I can't anymore, can't wait!

SMRC was a great experience. The trail running was challenging, but lots of fun. The staff was great and taught me a lot about form and pacing. They are amazing at teaching people how to become a better runner, they know how to have fun and make camp enjoyable, but also are serious about running. I loved all the activities at night and all the breakouts and morning lectures! I can't wait to go back next year. I was put in the perfect group and I felt the runs were challenging yet I was capable of doing them.

The paths we ran on were amazing. I liked the breakout sessions a lot. Also I liked that the staff were young and you could relate to them. They also made you laugh, which was good. Buzzard Bait is a great way to end the camp too! The Smoky Mtn Running Camp is just an all around great running camp that is a great experience. The SM Camp was the best week of the summer! It was amazing to meet other kids and counselors who have the same passion for running as I do.

You do an excellent job of fostering a feeling of home and togetherness with other athletes. I learned a great number of things about running and will for sure return next year. This was our daughter's first experience at any camp as a rising senior and she loved Smoky Mountain Running Camp. The coaches were open and friendly and easy to talk to. She loved the instruction, lessons and video analysis which gave her a visual of how she can improve.

Overall a wonderful, safe, friendly environment for personal growth both athletically and emotionally. I would really recommend this camp for any dedicated runner! My daughter has enjoyed her time at camp for all the years she has been coming. She has given tips that she learned from camp to all of her coaches. She has had excellent seasons of XC and track after camp each year.

I could not ask for a better camp to send my daughter to. Thank you Nike for putting your name on a great camp and to all of the staff that have been invovled for these past two years. We are aleady looking forward to next year. My son had a fantastic time! He learned about everything from nutrition to strategy to pacing. In addition he had a great time and made lots of friends he is looking forward to seeing at races this year.

I was VERY impressed with communications from the camp before, during and after. Everyone was friendly, proactive, and positive. My son's bus had a flat on the way home and the camp called me several times to keep me updated and not worried. A great job by all. We will be back. There is a place for everyone in the camp to run. Even people who think that they might be "too slow," they have a false accusation because they will find runners equivalent to their speed.

Although Nike SMRC is only about a week long, they provide you with the information you need to succeed for the entire season and even information beneficial for you to keep with you as you continue running. It is a very inspirational camp, as far as success goes. My teammates and I even travel all of the way from Illinois to come down to the camp.

If you are reading this, I recommend coming to camp! I came to this camp not knowing anybody and unsure of how good this camp was actually going to be. By the first day I had met many new lifelong friends. The coaching staff was excellent and so were the workouts. Overall this camp was amazing and I am most definitely going to be returning again next year and will bring along some teammates. At first, I was a little intimidated as a beginning runner, but my coach and peers helped me adjust and my confidence grew day by day.

SMRC provides a great encouraging environment for runners at every level. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned senior, SMRC is fun, educational, and inspirational. My granddaughter had an amazing experience! Thank you! We look forward to next summer! Nike Smoky Running Camp is my favorite place on earth! Not only is it extremely fun, it is a great learning experience where you're surrounded by knowledgeable and many talented runners. It is an awesome experience to spend a whole week in the beautiful trails of North Carolina.

The activities that happen at camp are also very fun and the friendship made is everlasting. Nike Smoky Mountain Running Camp is an amazing camp for runners of all abilities! This running camp teaches you so much and gets you really pumped for the cross country season. With awesome speakers and great breakout sessions, you learn so much about the sport in just a week! At Smoky Mt Running Camp, you can meet new friends, have a blast with the activities, and really grow as a runner!

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This camp leaves you at the end of the week wishing you could stay longer! It's an awesome experience and I strongly recommend it to all runners! If you don't go to Nike Running Camp, you're definitely missing out! It was without a doubt the best running experience I have ever had. I've never been so excited to get up at 7am to go for a run and be able to enjoy it with awesome coaches and new friends! I'm already so excited for next year. I much preferred staying in Mills hall as opposed to Founders due to its location and room layout.

I also thought that the morning speakers in the summer of to be more interesting due to the common theme prefontaine and the birth of Nike that was followed throughout the whole week. I would have liked to see more connection between all of the speakers during the week. Dear future camper, Smoky Mountain Running Camp is the ideal place to spend a couple of your summer weeks.

Getting to train with people on the same level and the amazing staff is great and will help you become a better runner.

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The camp has helped me the past two years get to where I want to be in my running. The staff makes it feel like its one big happy family and I definitely recommend the camp. This year was my first year attending, but I felt like family amongst the friendly and enthusiastic staff and campers. I went with another teammate, yet I was able to make friends from all over the East Coast that I still talk to afterwards. I got to run on beautiful trails and Buzzard's Bait that challenged me without straining me too early in my training.

My favorite parts of camp involved the food I also learned a lot about the sport of running and took away valuable lessons about recovery, goals, racing, mental strength, hill training, diet, and much more through breakout sessions. Overall, Smoky Mountain Running Camp was one of my best summer experiences and I wish the week could have lasted much longer. I definitely recommend this camp to any runner as I am sure you will love it, whether coming solo or with a team. I hope you chose SMRC! It's an awesome place to not only learn more about running but to meet new people.

I was hesitant and nervous but now can't wait to see my season improve this year. Can't wait for next year. As a parent, it was great to be able to follow the pictures on facebook. We always knew Colin could work hard but he still had that bit of hesitation. Between that and the fact that he was extremely proud of himself on that last run up buzzard bait - as parents we couldn't have been more excited for him. Without hesitation, he will be back possibly with his brother in tow! SMRC is a great camp for runners of all ages. It allows everyone to come together, to learn and train at different levels.

This camp is unique, because it has a balanced amount of training, learning, and relaxation. I would recommend this camp to all runners of all ages and skills, as I had an excellent experience myself. This camp has taught me not only how to improve my running skill to an elite level, but they also taught me a lot on how to be mentally tough and a more aggressive competitor, while also learning what my leaps and bounds are as far as pacing.

I learned a lot about the other things that Nike Running Camp values such as nutrition, how to get yourself on the map and lots of other things. I would recommend this camp to almost everyone who runs, even my friends back up from the New England Region. I came into Smoky Mountain Running Camp as an average runner and a very shy person. Throughout the week I got to know my group mates and really expanded my running capabilities. SMRC taught me to believe in myself, to not fear success, and be confident in what I am able to accomplish.

If you want to have the best week of your life then come to the Nike Smoky Mountain Running Camp where they provide great coaching, great training and great trails in Asheville, North Carolina. When you leave you will have new friends, and a different look in the running culture. The only thing you will regret is not signing up for three weeks of camp. Select your sport and get into camp! If you need more assistance, just give us a call at we would be happy to help! Call us! Highlights Include Top notch high school and college coaching. Comprehensive running camp experience: featuring daily runs in the National Forest, informative breakout sessions and talks given by nationally recognized guest speakers.

Superior facilities: beautiful campus surroundings, state-of-the-art track facility and new Wellness Center. Middle school running program with specific youth curriculum. Camp Coaches. She would go on to qualify for the U. Olympic Trials in the meters in Camp Details. Celebrating our 47th year! Middle School Program: We have modified our high school program and created a separate curriculum and activity schedule that will be offered concurrently with the high school schedule.

Coaches Workshops: Coaches are encouraged to accompany their cross country teams and attend the Coaches Workshop covering the latest in training and racing techniques. Highsmith Center. Check-out: pm. Campers check out on dorm floor with staff. Luggage is in Highsmith Center. Ages: High School Program: 14 and up, coed, all skills levels.

Middle School Program: Entering 6th grade and up, coed, all skill levels. Dorms: Runners stay in Mills and Founders Hall, all air conditioned. Extra Activities: There is a camp dance each week, plus nightly skits, games, talent show, scavenger hunt, and sand volleyball. All 3 sessions. Sample Daily Schedule am Breakfast am Guest speaker in auditorium am Group run in National Forest am Lunch in campus cafeteria pm Free time pm Trainer available pm Video analysis by groups pm Breakout sessions of varying topics pm Learn-by-doing at campus track in groups pm Dinner in campus cafeteria pm Free time pm Trainer available pm Recreation activities directed by rec staff pm Curfew pm Lights out!

The Smoky Mountain Running Camp is open to any and all entrants. When and where will the check-in and check-out take place for the Smoky Mountain Running Camp? How are runners placed in their running groups? What happens if it starts to rain during camp? What are some of the evening activities that are planned for the campers? What is available for sale at the Fleet Feet Store?

How and when will I receive my registration packet with important camp details?

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Are the campers supervised throughout the camp? Can I come to camp alone or do I have to be a member of a team? How many campers are placed in a dorm and do you accommodate roommate requests? Does the dorm have AC? Please try enabling cookies. If you still have issues after this, please contact us. Most pre- and post-race activities will take place in Townsend, TN. Come join us!

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